Experience Makes The Difference!
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Utility Construction

The Heritage Of UCI

UCI was founded as an underground contracting company more than 35 years ago by Del Mecum Sr. From the beginning, the goal was to use his already extensive experience to provide a more customer-focused company whose "no excuses" attitude would ensure complete satisfaction.

Today, UCI has built a heritage of customer satisfaction and a legacy of success with even the most challenging project requirements.

  • Our expertise includes:

  • Underground Conduit and Cable Construction

  • Conduit Cleaning, Roding and Pulling Fiber

  • Manhole Construction (including rebuilds, poured and pre-cast)

  • Aerial Placement (Fiber, Coax, and Copper)

  • Utility Pole Placement

  • Engineering and Permitting

  • Fiber Optic Splicing Testing

  • Wireless Antenna and Line Installation

  • Experience Makes the Difference

    Experience determines success in this business. Experience with different site conditions, experience running complex modern equipment and experience with the industry-specific requirements of each job.

    Because each site is unique and conditions can vary significantly from job to job depending on such things as soil, access, distance, depth and many other factors, experience is critical in avoiding costly mistakes due to poor judgment.

    Because efficiency and safety depend on an equipment operators-skill, our operators have all been through our corporate training program for each piece of equipment they run. Our operators are the most seasoned veterans anywhere with regular reviews, training updates and thousands of jobs behind them to ensure success, regardless of the challenge.

  • Because we service a variety of industries such as natural gas, cable TV, telephone electrical construction and water sewer, our crews are specially trained and organized by their experience in the industry-specific disciplines required for each job.

    Our base of knowledge gained by solving so many different challenges over the years gives UCI the ability to accurately estimate the scope of any job, engineer the most efficient and cost-effective solution and complete the work on time and on budget.

    Our company is also conscious of the environmental issues that can be associated with underground work. We take great care to make sure our approach to any project is as low impact as possible. Whether it's to preserve a natural environment or simply minimize the intrusion on developed property, we have the know-how to plan the project right.